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Buying a Home

STeps TO Take WHen looking to Make a Home Purchase

  1. Interview at least three REALTORS.  Find one that you feel comfortable with and that you think will best help you find a home.  Don't skip this step, it's important as not all agents are alike.  Visit our Shrewd Agents page for ideas.
  2. Get pre-approved with a local lending institution.  Once again, interview three lending institutions.  If you need some suggestions of lenders, visit our Lender Page.
  3. Sit down with agent and draft up home search to include all needs and wants in your next home.  Have REALTOR set up automated search for you at this time.  The best homes always sell fast and you'll want to be on top of the market.
  4. Tour homes.  Try to view less than than five at a time and take notes.  Make changes to your original search as you learn more about the homes that are available on the market.
  5. Identify property and write offer.  A good agent will spend 1-2 hours making certain you understand the entire offer and all its addenda and/or contingencies. 
  6. Negotiate deal with seller of property.
  7. Schedule and attend home inspection.  Recommended that you call at least three home inspectors and interview them same as when choosing a REALTOR.  If you need some suggestions, visit our Home Inspector Page.
  8. Schedule title work and closing with local title company.  Recommend that you price out at least three title companies.  If you need some suggestions of title companies in the St Cloud area, visit our Title Company Page.
  9. Follow up on all contract contingencies and changes as necessary.
  10. Attend final walk through and closing.
  11. Move into house.
  12. Apply for homestead at local city hall or county building depending on where property is located.
  13. Refer friends and family members to your REALTOR, Lender, Home Inspector, and Title Company (if you liked them).

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