WHy are Title COmpanies Important?

Title companies help to convey a property from seller to buyer.  Title companies aid in the key tasks of:

  • ​Depositing and disbursing funds.
  • ​Process the flow of documents and funds.
  • Keep all parties informed as to the status of the closing process.
  • ​Respond to all lender requirements.
  • Coordinate the signing of all loan and closing documentation.
  • ​Calculate prorations of taxes, insurances, rents, etc.
  • Record all deed and loan documentation.
  • ​Preparation of final settlement statement outlining funds received and being disbursed.

At Shrewd Real Estate, we believe sellers should utilize preliminary title searches to identify problem areas long before you get into a contract with a buyer.  It will be better to know about any of these potential title defects that would need to be cleared up before they become a more annoying issue and delay your closing.

For home buyers, title companies can update your abstract and/or provide you with owner's and lender's policies for title insurance.  Title insurance is a means of protecting yourself against financial loss in the event that some problems arise to the rights in ownership of your property.  It is a one time expense that only costs about as much as car insurance policy (based off purchase price of home) and covers you and your heirs throughout your period of ownership.

So, how do you select a "great" title company?  Here are some considerations:

  1. How many years has the title company been in business?  You should ask about the closing agent's history too.

  2. How many closings did the company handle last year?

  3. How quickly do you record documents after closings?

  4. Who is the underwriter of your title insurance?

  5. How long before the closing will I be able to review my HUD settlement statement?

  6. What are some reasons that closings do not happen on time?

  7. What separates your company from the other title companies in town?

  8. Seek recommendations from people you trust.

  9. How much do you charge for your services on my purchase?

  10. Are you currently offering any discounts on services?

*Thank you to Mary Ann Nunes with Title Professionals, Patti Smith at Heartland Title, and Sarah Dombrovski with Tri-County Abstract for helping Shrewd Real Estate with this page's verbiage.

You can start with the links below to some of St Cloud's title insurance companies in no particular order.

*Note, Shrewd Real Estate, LLC. does not endorse any specific company, business, or service provider.  We are not affiliated to any companies listed here and are to not be held liable for any information or services they provide.

Closing Co./Title Insurance Providers

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Closing Agent - Title Company

Webite Address

Phone Number

Brenda Roettger - Tri-County Abstractwww.TriCountyAbstract.com(320) 258-7512

Closing Agent - Title Company

Webite Address

Phone Number

Molly Sobania - Minnesota Secured Titlewww.MNSecuredTitle.com(320) 251-2933

Closing Agent - Title Company

Webite Address

Phone Number

Patti Petersen - Heartland Title
(320) 253-8860