What do you mean my home inspector isn't licensed in Minnesota???

Yep, none of the home inspectors you will find anywhere online, the phone book, or newspaper are licensed to perform home inspections in the state of Minnesota. 

The reason: There is no licensing requirement by the state of Minnesota for a home inspector.  

Actually, the contingency for a home inspection as currently written on the standard Minnesota approved form reads, "Buyer shall satisfy Buyer as to the qualifications of the home inspector(s)"  (MN:APA:IC-1 (10/13)

​So how should you go about selecting a home inspector for quite possibly the single biggest purchase of your life?

The answer: Experience, qualifications, history of employment, references, etc.  NOT PRICE!

When you pick up the phone and call at least three home inspectors to interview them for potentially looking over your new home, be ready with some questions:

  1. If you have specific concerns about your new home, ask their knowledge of those fields - HVAC, plumbing, electrical etc.

  2. How long have you been performing home inspections?

  3. How many home inspections did you perform last year?

  4. What is your work history and/or qualifications?  Do you have a history in home building/remodeling industry?

  5. Are you bonded and insured in the event that something is missed in the inspection?

  6. Do you charge a fee for reinspecting items that might get fixed by seller?

  7. Do you inspect for radon, carbon monoxide and gas leaks?

  8. How long do you typically spend inspecting a home?

  9. What type of report will I get and when will I receive it?

  10. ​How much do you charge?

Need some recommendations?  You can start with the links below to some of the central Minnesota home inspectors in no particular order.

*Note, Shrewd Real Estate, LLC. does not endorse any specific company, business, or service provider.  We are not affiliated to any companies listed here and are to not be held liable for any information or services they provide.

Home Inspectors

Home Inspector - Company

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Greg Theis - GET Home Inspectionswww.GETHomeInspections.net(320) 250-4734

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Wayne Sieling - Ability Home Inspectionswww.AbilityInspections.com(320) 290-8880
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Home Inspector - Company

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Brian Nygaard - National Property Inspectionswww.npiweb.com(320) 761-0077

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Scott Anderson - Statewide Property Inspectionswww.StatewidePropertyInspections.com

(320) 761-2100